Thursday, May 26, 2011

Classed-up Cutoffs

Happy Thursday Readers!
   This spring, you may have already noticed, cutoff shorts are EVERYWHERE!  This left a few of my best friends asking me, "Can I wear cutoffs or should I leave it to the tweens?"  Fear not, fashionista, too can pull off cutoffs.  The key is to class them up a bit.  First, you want to be sure that you've got the right fit on your shorts.  Buy them somewhat loose so that they nestle right on your hipbones.  You DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT want tight cutoffs...unless you're going for the trailer park chic look.  Also, for those of us who have crossed over into our 30s (still weird to say), you do not want them too short. 

Next, find a neutral, loose fitting tank to pair with your shorts.  You also don't wnat this to be super fitted. The gauzier and floatier the better. Top that off with a crisp, white blazer. This lends a bit of chic to your cutoffs.  Pop that collar and throw on a dainty necklace and ethnic inspired bangles.  Now that's a classy cutoff look!


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