Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In the fold - Pleats at work!

A look that I'm loving right now - and seeing all over town -  is prepster chic. While I'm not usually into the prepster look, when you mix this with a little leopard, it turns into something that I can really sink my teeth into!  (so to speak.) 

A great way to jump into this trend is with a school-girl pleated skirt.  This is done best when it's in a vibrant hue.  The number one rule: stay away from plaid! (no Britney Spears comparisons here).  In order to "funk-up" your pleated skirt a little bit, I would add a fabulous leopard top and some killer black heels. You can go a little edgier than you usually would at work because of the lady-ness of the skirt.  Throw on some chunky stone jewelry and cinch your blouse at the waist and you're too cool for school! (or the office).


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