Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Country-Chic Wedding

A dear, old (in tenure, not age!) friend of mine contacted me the other day with a fashion dilemma.  She has been invited to a country singer's wedding and has no idea what to wear!  Listen to this dress code:

"Attire is Country Cocktail
Think: Denim and Diamonds, Shiny and Starched.
Girls: Forget those heels, and put on your cutest and most comfortable boots or shoes."

You all know I'm up for any challenge, but even this one gave me pause.  First of all, I think this could be the most fun wedding ever!  With all of this comfy footwear, guests are destined to boot-scoot the night away!  Second of all, you still want to look super fabulous and event appropriate.  My suggestion would be a flirty, flippy dress in a beautiful hue.  You definitely want to do as instructed and wear boots, but you must find the most fabulous, blingy boots out there!  I love these from Frye!  Pick some equally blingy, standout jewels and a coordinating clutch.  Voila!  Or should I say, Yeehaw!


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