Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fashion on film - Bill Cunningham New York Trailer

I have read so much about this film and have been looking forward to it for some time.  Then, the other night my hubby and I went to the theatre to see Jane Eyre (another good one that's out right now) and this trailer played! I am so captivated by Bill Cunningham's story and by how he sees fashion.  Not as something out of reach, or only for celebrities, but as something that we all take part in every single day. You decide who you are going to be every morning when you make selections from your closet....and you take that through the day with you.  That thought, along with the passion I feel for clothes and for style, is what made me create this blog.  It's not about following a trend or looking like everyone else.  It's about challenging yourself to try new things and find what makes you feel beautiful and special.  I hope that you are getting a little of that inspiration each and every day.....Thank you for reading and cheers to Bill Cunningham!

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