Thursday, March 24, 2011

The last great movie star - In honor of Elizabeth Taylor

I heard the sad news about the legendary Elizabeth Taylor yesterday morning while I getting dressed for work.  I felt such heartache and sadness at her death, especially due to the fact that I grew up watching this beautiful icon.  My mother has long been obsessed with classic movies and one that I was introduced to very early in life was the classic, National Velvet.  The film that set Taylor on the path of becoming a moviestar (and would make me beg for a horse every day for the rest of my life)  Other favorite films of mine were Father of the Bride and Cleopatra (I know, it was considered a bit of a flop...but you just can't get past her fabulous wardrobe, makeup and sex appeal).  Though I am a fan of her films, many will remember her for the personal drama that always surrounded her life - including her eight marriages and steamy liaisons with Richard Burton.   After her retirement from films, Elizabeth became one of the earliest and most vocal HIV/AIDS activists.

  I think the passing of such a glamorous star calls for some rememberance of her most fabulous times.  I found these images on and thought they so well embodied what she will be remembered for....perhaps being the last great moviestar.


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