Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Gucci obsession continues - Fall 2011

Excuse the panting...I am simply trying to catch my breath after watching the insane fabulousness that was the Gucci Fall 2011 runway show.  Seriously, I think I need a minute.......

OK, I've pulled myself together a little.  I am absolutely crazy about the vivid colors, the sumputous fur, the gossamer frocks, the seventies sensibilities.  It's so sexy, but stunningly elegant!  Whoa....getting close to hyperventilating again! 

Since I'm having trouble communicating my obsession - take a peek a this amazing video.  It really sums up the feeling of the show as well as the brilliant thoughts of Frida Giannini. 

Here are a couple of my favorite picks from the show: (I know there are a ton.....I just COULD NOT narrow it down!)

Fur, Fur and more Fur!  Sorry PETA....looks like it's going to be a very furry year -


Look at these killer dresses.  And how much do you love the handcrafted flowers draped across the ladies' shoulders like fur capelets.  Glamour, drama, hotness....die!


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