Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gaga again!

Hi Readers,
  Here is a a link to the fabulous interview with Nicola Formichetti and Lady Gaga regarding their collaboration on the Thierry Mugler collection for Fall 2011.  I thought a quick review of this interview would put us all in the perfect mood to select a fantastic ensemble for her upcoming concert.  So, enjoy fashion friends!!

Suzy Menkes' interview with Lady Gaga at Paris Fashion Week

  So, now that we've done our homework, let's tackle the outfit.  On my last visit to the Lady Gaga concert I sat in the stands and was free to wear whatever "monster" ensemble my little heart desired.  That included sequin shorty shorts a white tank and spikey stilettos. However, this time around, my hubby scored us tickets in his company's super sweet suite!  While I'm excited to up the fabulous factor (cocktails and hor-deurves will no doubt flow like wine) there is the added complication of sharing the suite with his work associates.  While I may have to tone down the outlandishness of the Gaga-ensemble, it still must be fitting for Mother Monster.

  My plan is to take a super fun jumpsuit in a basic shade of black and add knockout accessories. The jumpsuit says, "I'm fashionable and fun, but I'm still all covered up!"  (Quite the opposite of the sequin hot pants I wore last go-round).  But, I digress.....I'm going to add shoulder dusting feather earrings, even more bracelets than usual and a sky-high platform sandal to make this outfit sing! (And if it could sing, I'm pretty sure the tune would be "Born this Way!")  Just grab a visually interesting sweater or jacket on the way out the door and your ready to rock!  Look out "Paparazzi,"  I've got my "Poker Face" on and I'm headed to see Gaga!!


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