Monday, February 28, 2011

Best of the Show - Which of Anne's changes was the best?

Although the reviews of her performance have been lukewarm, at best, Anne Hathaway's outfit changes did not disappoint!  You and I both know who we owe all of the eye candy to, right?  The fabulously fashionable Rachel Zoe.  (I noticed Team Zoe even got a shout out in the ending credits of the show.)  I have to admit, the dress changes were what I was most looking forward to when it was announced that Anne would be hosting. Usually we only get to see one Zoe pick on each star, it's so great for her to have multiple options!  Which was your favorite??

Givenchy Haute Couture


Oscar de la Renta

Vivienne Westwood

Lanvin Tux and custom Brian Atwood pumps

Armani Prive

Tom Ford

  I think I'm going to have to go with the Tom Ford (you already know I'm obsessed).  A sheer lace dress covered in sparkle could easily cross over into tawdry territory. However, Mr. Ford keeps this one completely classy by covering the arms, legs and decollete.  So chic!  I was also impressed with how dramatically her hair changed with every look.  Anyone who has ever worn an up do knows its not so easy to transition quickly into a sleek hair-down-do.  My favorite look was probably the Veronica Lake-esque wavy hair worn with her first Givenchy gown.  The other favorite was the semi-up do she chose for the Versace gown.  That overall look was complete elegance. 

Many times I give up on the broadcast halfway through (after you've seen the red carpet, the dresses are no longer surprises).  But, these fabulous dress changes kept me tuned in to the very end!  Thanks Team Zoe!


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