Monday, February 14, 2011

Better Together - Hollywood Love

On this lovely Valentine's Day I thought it might be nice for us to bask in the glory and beauty of true love.  Not the kind that you read about in a thoughtful card or the kind that your sweet grandparents shared.  Instead, I'm talking about the glowing, fabulous love that radiates from red carpets and paparazzi pics all over Hollywood. 

All joking aside, I chose these couples because they always seem to perfectly compliment each other in style.  While most of these men are quite dapper on their own, their chic-factor becomes exponentially higher when arm in arm with these beautiful women.  And, isn't that usually the case?  So, cheers to happy, fashionable couples in Hollywood and beyond.  I hope you are sharing your Valentine's Day with your chic match.  Lots of love!


Cameron Diaz and A-Rod.  Incognito glasses and a trench!

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson. Matching hats and blazers. And is that a picnic basket?  How romantic!

Heidi and Seal staying fashionably warm.

J-Lo and Marc Anthony - Chic neutrals.

Rachel and Rodger - Casual California style

And finally, the Beckhams - Need I say more?

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