Thursday, February 10, 2011

Romancing the ensemble - Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day means different things to different people.  For some, it is a day to be unabashedly romantic and sickly sweet with their significant other.  For others,  it is a day of dread or aggravation.  For me, it is truly neither. Rather, it is a day to dress in head-to-toe pink, drink pink champagne and indulge in all things girly and romantic.  That means, for one day a year, I ditch my black duds and don something feminine and beautiful.  Now, you might wearing pink is impossible for you (particularly if your skin, like mine, hasn't seen the sun in months).  But do not fret!  All you need is a quick application of Guerlain Terracotta self bronzer (one of my ultimate beauty secrets) and you will be pastel ready in a matter of moments.

As for the ensemble, this year I'm loving something draping and dramatic for Valentine's Day.  How lovely is the dress below?   Just add a pink statement necklace, flirtatious black lace pumps and a dainty clutch and you are date ready! Bring on the romance, the bubbly and the pink bouquet!  Happy heart day to all! 

Romancing the ensemble

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