Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Casual White-Out

Some days, especially when I'm dressing casually, I like to keep it simple.  That's not to say "minimalist," we've already covered that trend.  When I say "simple" I mean easy to throw together (but still look put together).  I once heard someone in the fashion world say that she wore all black during the winter and all white in the summer.  Although I'm not that hardcore (I like to throw in a print or a pop of color every so often), I do like the idea of that.  Being so chic and having such a definite look that you can sum it all up in a statement.  While I'm still looking for my statement, I will share with you, that I wear a ton of head-to-toe white in the spring and summer.  This look is so fresh and chic, yet so easy to pull together quickly. 

When I'm doing a casual head-to-toe-blanc look I always pull out my favorite pair of white hudson jeans.  Just like with your blue jeans, you should have multiple pairs of white jeans tailored to different heel heights.  You can do this head-to-toe-white look with a great pair of high espadrilles or with some metallic flat sandals.  Whichever you choose, put it all back to a great white blouse.  There are so many fabulous white blouses to choose from this spring, so your options are limitless!  I'm loving the look of the gauzy utility blouse I found below.  Add some beautiful gold jewelry (you know how I love my cocktail rings and bangles!) and you're casual but perfectly posh!


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