Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In bloom - Working girl chic Tuesdays

Happy Spring dear readers!
  Ok, so maybe we aren't completely there yet.  But, with the beautiful weather we are having in Big D a girl can dream!  So, here is a little "Working Girl Chic Tuesday" post to put some spring in your step.  Florals were a huge influence this spring and they absolutely must find their way into your spring work wardrobe.  While you may think florals in your work wardrobe would not be "serious" enough.  I can assure you, you too can work in a beautiful floral print dress this spring. 

The first key is to find the right floral print dress for you.  The Ali Ro dress I have chosen below is definitely of the "girly" varietal, but perhaps you prefer a more bohemian or earthy vibe.  Either way, you will be right on trend as there was a great variance on the spring runways.  Top off your frilly frock with a structured sleeveless vest belted at the waist.  I am on the hunt for a fabulous sleeveless blazer this season and I think the one below is perfection!  This will add seriousness and structure to your ensemble.  Just accessorize with some bangles and gold earrings and you will be all set! 

Remember, the key is to juxtapose the serious with the fun.  And do not hide your femininity this spring....flaunt it in beautiful florals!

In bloom - Working girl chic Tuesdays

In bloom - Working girl chic Tuesdays by dresscodediaries featuring buckle belts

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