Thursday, February 17, 2011

Directly off the runway - WSJ article

     I ran across this article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal (yes, I read the WSJ...but don't be too impressed.  I only read the fashion and style sections.)  Anyway, I was so intrigued by this article and thought you all just HAD to read it too!  I love that two of these ladies are from Dallas, but even those of you who are not die-hard Dallasites will find it interesting.  It is such a great peek into the lives and minds of those lucky few women who are able to buy looks directly from the runway.  And I'm not talking about celebrities who are given these pieces for free.  Real-life women who pay the full (often very high) price.  Enjoy!

Who Buys These Clothes?  They do
A Peek Inside the Closets of Shoppers Who Pay Full Price for Designer's Latest Runway Looks

Dallas Philanthropist and Fashion Enthusiast Cindy Rachofsky in Alexander McQueen

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