Saturday, January 22, 2011

For the Boys

In celebration of the fact that it is Men's fashion week (and that I am spending the weekend with my family and a menswear post was specially requested by my stylish father).  Here are a few of my thoughts on menswear.  It's true that I generally prefer a very conservative and tailored approach to menswear.  The boys are certainly not given as much leeway with fashion as the ladies.  However, one style note that I think even the most conservative man can easily pick up on is the mixing of camels, greys and browns.  Long gone is the rule that one must only wear black shoes with grey suits or slacks. A palette of grey and brown looks much more luxe and chic.  Take it a step further and add a beautiful camel cashmere scarf for an extra touch of style.  See some examples from the Ermenegildo Zegna fashion show:

Maybe it's Mad Men or maybe it's Carey Grant, but another look that I just cannot get enough of during the winter is a classic overcoat over a tailored suit.  Swoon!!


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