Thursday, January 27, 2011

Phoning it in

I don't like to admit it....but there are some days that I just can't get it together.  I call those "phone in days."  The days that I don't feel like putting on something that takes a ton of effort or is super complicated.  I don't want to wear a high heel (I know, gasp!)  and I just want to be comfortable but still work appropriate.  This, dear readers, is one of those days.  You might have guessed by how late this post is occurring.  I promise to be a better, earlier, less "phone it in" person.  But, some just isn't going to happen.

However, I can make a moral out of this "phone it in" day.  I have a go-to "phone it in" look that is super easy, yet still super chic.  And now, I'm sharing with you!  (If any of you see me today, you will realize that this is the exact outfit I'm you know my secret).  It is a riding/Audrey Hepburn inspired ensemble that works every time.  Pair a crisp white button down (you should always have one ready to go in your closet for just such a day) with slim riding pants and metallic flats.  Here's the trick - slick your hair back in a ponytail or a sleek chignon and wear some fabulous dangly earrings. The only other thing you need is a touch of red lipstick and you're ready to go!  I promise, this look will take a max of 15 minutes, but you will look like a million bucks!


Phoning it in

Phoning it in by dresscodediaries featuring crystal jewelry

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