Friday, January 28, 2011

Resort Chic traveling

I have a dear friend who has a major problem.  She lives in a snowy, wintry climate and is taking a fabulous trip to the Caribbean.  (OK, obviously THAT'S not the problem).  The problem, which most of us have faced at one time or another, is that she will be taking off in frigid conditions and landing in a balmy paradise. When I head to the beach there is nothing I look forward to more than wearing a resort chic ensemble through the airport (no doubt, making all of the other travelers jealous!)  The last thing I want to don is a sweater, boots and a parka.  So, here is my solution.  White jeans, a navy and white nautical striped sweater and a trench coat.  For footwear, you need something that covers your foot (so you don't get frostbite on your way to the airport) but something you can still wear out on the beach town.  Look for a great wedge bootie with an open toe or sling back.  This pair of Proenza Schouler booties would be perfection! Absolutely gorgeous with a floaty sundress.  In fact, the great thing about all of these pieces is that they can all be worn during your fabulous vacay.  After all, the trick to effective packing is making pieces work for you in different ways.  The stripe sweater would be a perfect swimsuit cover up.  Pair the white jeans with a bright floral top for beach side dinner. Just throw on a great set of bangles and a gold necklace and you're all set!  Bring on the hot waiters with Margaritas!


Resort Chic traveling

Resort Chic traveling by dresscodediaries featuring studded bracelets

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