Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Working Girl Chic

A much requested topic, and one that can be quite challenging....even for the fashion obsessed like me, is how to build a stylish yet appropriate work wardrobe.  This is certainly a topic that will become a weekly installment.  It is simply too much to cover in one post.  So, let's get started!

I think the basis for a great work wardrobe starts with a few staples.  The first of which is a fabulous black sheath dress.  (Or, if you're anything like me, a few different classic black sheaths.)  It's always great to have these basic to fall back on when you just don't feel like pulling it all together.  I am not, however, suggesting that you throw on that black dress with black pumps and a cardigan.  That is not eye-catching enough for you, lovely reader!  Instead merely use it as a base on which to layer something with a little flair.  If your dress is the appropriate length (to the knee if you are on the taller side or right above the knee if you're on the petite side), then you have creative license to add some excitement! Start out with a great motorcycle jacket, statement necklace and some not-so-basic black pumps.   Contrasting the classic with something unexpected is the first key to keeping your work wardrobe exciting!

Working Girl Chic

Working Girl Chic by dresscodediaries featuring black dresses

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