Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flying fabulously

I am currently preparing for a trip north to see my very best friend (and posh politico) in Washington DC.  While I have much packing to do, my first order of business is always determining what to wear on the plane.  This brings me to the first of a few of my pet peeves. This one is concerning the current state of affairs at airports around the country.  Flying was once such a glamorous affair.  Men in suits and ties, women in beautiful dresses and pillbox hats all carrying matching luggage. After all, you never see more people than you do when strutting through the airport.  But now, you are lucky if your seatmate managed to shower and change out of their pajamas.  Tennis shoes, ball caps, hoodies....oh my!  I, for one, am over it!  Unfortunately, since flying private is still just a dream away, commercial airlines are a necessity.  So, I'm doing my part and stepping it up a notch every time I fly.  I hope you'll join me!

Now that the rant is behind us, here are my thoughts on perfect flight attire. When choosing what to wear, I always think of fashion first followed closely by comfort and functionality.  In this chilly weather I prefer a pair of skinnies (skinny black pants or jeans), a fitted turtleneck and high heeled booties.  YES, high heels!  You can do it.  I promise.  They will distinguish you from the pajama set and are easy to slip on and off in security.  Plus, in case your trip goes to hell in a handbasket (aka delayed flights and bouncing gate to gate), you should always have backup flats in your carryon.  A little tip is to coordinate your travel booties and backup flats with a couple of packed ensembles. Then you won't have to pack 15 pairs of shoes in your suitcase....a sin I am still guilty of.  At the risk of being cliche, shoes are truly my obsession.  This is also my little attempt to curtail the extra expense (and added frustration on my husband's part) of paying for overweight checked luggage.  Finally, top it all off with a beautiful cashmere cape.  I love the one below with mink trim.  What a chic way to travel!  Plus, it will double as a cozy blanket while in flight.  The finishing touches are a giant pair of sunnies (to keep the jersey-wearing man next to you from attempting conversation) and a statement necklace that is easily removed in the security line. With these stylish pieces you are ready to take flight (and get noticed while doing so!)

Neiman Marcus, $1495

J Crew, $158

jcrew, $108

Burberry Booties $995

Tom Ford, $590

Banana Republic, $69.50

  XO, RC



  1. I love this blog because even though your friend from NYC (now in Tallahassee) needs your fashion advice, especially when I have NO shopping in Tally! :) So, if you ever want to write about your fav online shopping sites I would love it!


  2. Totally agree! But can I change the high-heeled boots to FABULOUS slight wedges or classic riding boots? You have to remeber that I am flying with all my stuff (which includes fashion magazines!), an enormous bag stuffed with sippy cup, snack trap, flash cards, picture books, etch-a-sketch, bribery treats, DVD player, movies, and headphones, a stroller and oh, I almost forgot - MY TWO YEAR OLD!!! By the way, security makes me scan his tiny little shoes. And the Swanky Blanky you got him that he can't live without has to be scanned as well. Que the "bribery treats!!" Love you and your blog! Kisses!

  3. I want to ride on a plane JUST to wear that cape. Seriously. And, I h.a.t.e to fly.