Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here. We. Go.

So, here it is.  The inaugural post.  It's not secret among my friends and family that fashion consumes almost every aspect of my life. It's my career and my hobby.  When invited to an event or beginning to plan a trip with my husband my mind immediately jumps to one thing....what to wear!  I construct elaborate spreadsheets and packing lists to ensure every detail is perfection.  After all, it is impossible to truly enjoy an experience if the outfit is off.  (Perhaps I am alone in this sentiment, in which case this blog will be a colossal failure.)  Barring that possibility, this blog is where I will share wardrobing ideas with you along with daily fashion inspirations and trend ideas. As Halston once said, "You're only as good as the people you dress."  So, ladies....let's be fabulous and perfectly dressed together. 


1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to tune in to see what is going on with the most stylish person I know! Looking foward to all your fabulous post